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Client                       Burton Coal Pty Ltd.

Location                  Nebo, Qld Australia

Commenced           13th April 2010


CAS was originally contracted to mine Leichardt seam at the final highwall of the Wallanbah Pit.  Due to a heavy rain event in February 2010 the Pit became flooded and it was agreed that CAS mine the northern endwall while the water was pumped from the mine.

The contract with Burton Mine required CAS to stockpile coal on the pit floor.  However due to the flooding of the pit and the inability of the primary contractor, Thiess, to allocate resources to the project, CAS was asked to undertake the various tasks required to complete the project.

In addition, CAS managed the following aspects of the project:

  1. Labour acquisition, training and management.

  2. Additional equipment hire.

  3. Installation of 4km pump line.

  4. Installation and maintenance of pumping system.

  5. Recovery of mining areas and pit preparation.

  6. Coal haulage from in pit stockpile to designated ROM stockpile at the top of the ramp.

  7. Water cart operation.

  8. Maintenance of haul roads.

  9. Fueling equipment, where necessary.

  10. Operation of Inert gas generating system to control high levels of methane present in the seam

On completion of the accessible reserves in the Wallanbah pit, CAS was asked to mine the
endwall of the adjacent Broadmeadow pit.

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