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Sonoma Mine

Client                       Sonoma

Location                  Collinsville, Qld, Australia

Commenced           7th Feb 2011

Completed              24th May 2011

Tonnes recovered   81,480

Metres drilled          22,372.5

Safety record          Zero LTI, Zero MTI, 5,253 man hours


Keypoints                       C Seam

                                    <2% methane for lower areas of cover

                                    >2% methane in area of higher cover

                                    Client responsible for coal haulage and pit preparation


Eaglefield Mine

Client                       Peabody ( Bowen ) Pty Ltd

Location                  Moranbah, Qld Australia

Commenced           31st December 2009

Completed              31st January 2010

Tonnes recovered  11,322

Metres drilled          2,754

Safety record          Zero LTI, Zero MTI, 709 man hours


Keypoints                  Double  pass, thick seam, nil methane, 2o seam rise


  • Auger mine 90m section of the western endwall in the Goonyella Lower Seam

  • Double pass mining, seam rising at 2o

  • Hole depths from 20m to 100m.

  • Coal was delivered to pit floor and stockpiled, with the mines primary contractor, Macmahons, responsible for the haulage of product to the Rom stockpile.

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